The Top 3 Nursing Schools In San Antonio

With the rising demand for nurses in the state of Texas, San Antonio has numerous nursing schools which allow the students to choose between vocational, degrees and undergraduate nursing programs. With San Antonio having reputation of having very good nursing schools, it is apparent that any nursing program you take will lead you to a job. However, if you graduate from the best nursing schools in San Antonio, you are guaranteed of getting some of the best nursing jobs in the state. There are different criteria which are used when ranking higher educational institutions. According to the criteria used by National Health Institutions as well as US news and World report, a similar order is achieved which gives a clear definition of the best nursing schools in San Antonio.

The Top 3 San Antonio Nursing Schools

1. University of Texas Health Science Center
University of Texas Health Science Center is one of the largest nursing schools in the state of Texas. It is ranked in the 32nd position nationally by National Institutes of Health. This female nurse in San Antoniouniversity has a capacity of more than 4000 students offering both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programs. Those students who want to pursue bachelors of Science in Nursing will have to undergo 62hrs semester in pre-nursing program. When the students join the nursing program, they will take another 60 hrs semester after which they will earn a diploma in nursing.
2. University of the Incarnate Word School of Nursing
University of the Incarnate Word School of Nursing is another high ranking nursing school in San Antonio. It offers nursing programs at undergraduate, graduate and master programs in nursing sciences. The nursing school has both regular and accelerated programs for those students who want to earn a diploma in nursing. Both programs require the student to complete 130 credits in order to qualify for the state licensing examination.
3. Galen College of Nursing
Galen College is another nursing college with a campus in San Antonio. It provides programs in vocational nursing and also in registered nursing. Their programs are composed of in-class labs and also clinical in community health centers around the state. The school has very flexible programs in nursing for example evening classes as well as accelerated programs for those students who want to complete the program within a very short time.

Why are these nursing schools the top ranked in San Antonio?

Different factors are used when categorizing institutions of higher learning. The best schools are the ones that fulfill these conditions better than the rest. The conditions are:

  • Higher qualified instructors– high ranking nursing schools have highly qualified professionals who are practicing in the nursing field.
  • Hands-on training– For a student to be fully qualified, he must be fully equipped with hands-on experience. High ranking schools provides the students with hands-on experience in busy medical settings. Practical skills are very important when looking for a job.
  • Modern equipment– The medical field is changing every now and so are the equipments used. Top ranking schools have invested in the equipments being used in the hospitals today. This makes it very easy for the student to cope fast in the working environment.
  • Caters to the student’s needs– The needs of students are changing and therefore the school should be able to accommodate to these needs. For example top ranking schools provide diversified programs like distance learning, accelerated learning, vocational learning as well as regular programs.

How to get into these nursing schools?

  1. Make sure you pass in sciences and mathematics at high school level and then make sure you pass you high school diploma.
  2. Choose the nursing program that you want to take and then research to find out which colleges offer that program. To ensure that you end up in a high ranking nursing school, you can check for the ranking from ranking bodies like National Health Institution and so on.
  3. Find out more about the registration process. You can get more information regarding the application process from the schools website and admissions department.
  4. Complete the registration process and ensure that you send your application at the right time.Wait for your application to be accepted and then join your favorite school. Most of the high ranking schools will require you to sit for a test so that they can determine the level of your skills as well as knowledge level.


San Antonio Nursing Schools

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These tips will help you find and get accepted into the top nursing schools in San Antonio.

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